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Nexans Land High Voltage contributes to ensure the reliability and efficiency of many of the world's power transmission networks. Our expertise ranges from securing steady supplies of designing high-performance High Voltage cables and accessories to providing installation and training support, and helping our clients to recycle safely and efficiently. XLPE-insulated High Voltage cables have been manufactured since 1971 in a larger  scale. The increasing trend to use mainly XLPE-insulated cables for higher voltages throughout the world was also brought up by the successful manufacturing, testing and  operation of 500 kV cable systems.


The three fundamental principles of sustainable development – i.e., the economic, social, and environmental aspects of doing business – are integrated into Nexans and its operations and relationships with its stakeholders. Nexans excels in competency with the environmental aspects of products and services.

Your system design decision will be supported by current-carrying and line-loss calculations, carbon footprint calculations, life cycle assessments

We assist our clients in upgrading their specifications to assure more sustainable system characteristics involving design, delivery lengths, dry accessories, line losses, and installation. 

It is Nexans strategy to push the environmental aspect by offering the best economic solution in the view of total cost of ownership. But we realize that changes in specifications demand careful consideration and qualified decisions, in collaboration with our clients, to ensure a reliable cable system. 

On request we would be glad to send you data on type and prequalification tests and reference lists of customers who use various cable designs and new accessories

HV Accessories

Safety and Reliability First 

With our new 170-kV dry flexible terminations and our anti-explosion terminations up to 420 kV, Nexans Group has qualified safety-first products. Nexans Group delivers fully developed and qualified high voltage accessory systems from 72.5 to 550 kV.

Project Management & Installation

Highly Qualified and Available Worldwide 

Our highly qualified and extensively experienced project managers follow standard processes within project organizations. They provide support including QHSE, installation services, and site tests up to full turnkey turnover. Our site managers and installers, in one of the world's most highly trained HV installation teams, rapidly install all accessories in highest quality. 24/7 Service contracts for emergency repairs complete the offer.


Power cables and accessories
Power cables and accessories
Power cables and accessories
Power cables and accessories
Power cables and accessories
Power cables and accessories

Medium voltage cables and accessories

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