LO-SAG™ overhead lines: packing power into a small space

Achieving a goal

Innovation does not just concern R&D, it also involves breakthroughs everywhere, including sales. Nexans recently introduced Aero-Z ComCore (Aluminum Composite Carbon Core) LO-SAG™ cables on the Brazilian market to empower HV transmission for the Football World Cup.

Narrow is the way

Aluminum ComCore overhead cables are lighter, more compact, 50% stronger than steel, and thermal resistant. They can double electrical capacity. This means that in tight right-of-way areas they deliver more power on fewer, lower, and cheaper poles for deployment in urban settings.

LO-SAG™ saves the day

To upgrade infrastructure for the Football World Cup in Brazil, a new overhead line (138 kV, double circuit) was needed for the electrical network in Cotia City, a municipality of 300,000 souls, located west of Sao Paulo. It also contained the training field for the Colombian football team. The contentious issue was a very narrow right-of-way that made it impossible to set up conventional pylons with a double circuit. LO-SAG™ conductors allowed high transmission capacity, using shorter metallic poles to avoid clearance violation along the line.

Small is beautiful

The uprating or upgrading of existing overhead lines has become a real need in most big cities due to higher electricity demands. However, it is getting more and more difficult to obtain permits for new lines due to environmental concerns. When they are allowed, the right-of-ways are usually smaller than what was granted earlier. LO-SAG™ solves this problem, and can be used for long transmission lines and wide spans across rivers, valleys or areas difficult to access. The discreet towers also greatly enhance the city landscape.