Why at Autoelectric, we think Henry Ford got it wrong!

Creative cooperation

Today, customers count. That’s why Nexans Autoelectric co-developed a range of lighter aluminum harnesses for standard, hybrid and all-electric cars with its customers, mastering tricky jointing and interconnection techniques that assure harness viability.

Integrated R&D

As a major league harness manufacturer, Autoelectric produces multiple harnesses, especially engine harnesses for lighter, cheaper and less-polluting cars. Working closely with the customer allows us to gain competence, credibility, recognition and market vision.

Thinking out-of-the-blue

In the 90s, we moved from being a “blueprint manufacturer” to being a proactive partner. Our size gave us flexibility. We decided to concentrate on engine harnesses, and embedded our engineers with outside customer teams. This led us to becoming a major supplier to large and small carmakers, including several luxury brands. By pooling our R&D with customer research and academic labs, we are continuing to investigate how aluminum can be used in the automotive environment, with connectivity as a focal point. Today, our work concentrates on anticipating future automotive trends (including all-electric vehicles).


Basic research was done on the difficult problem of connecting aluminum cables with copper-based connections. While aluminum is widely used in power grids, it has been reserved for specialized technicians. Bringing it to the “hands-on” automotive world has not only created new opportunities for carmakers, it has proven the value of co-development in extending our product and service range. Henry Ford’s contemptuous phrase: "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black" no longer works in today’s competitive automotive market. The customer is now definitely in the driver’s seat!