Nexans among the french Top 30 international patents filers

In the listing published by the French Institute for Intellectual Property (INPI), Nexans is ranked in 30th position among France’s top international patent filers, with 55 patent applications published in 2011 by INPI and the other main international patent offices.

“Our customers are constantly looking for high-performance solutions and products that are future-proof and aligned with their requirements. This drives us to continuously innovate and improve our products,” said Jean-Maxime Saugrain, Corporate Vice President Technical for Nexans. "Each innovation finds its source and application in operating realities. Among these 55 patent applications filed worldwide, many of them will sooner or later bring competitive edges. A patent is only worthwhile if it is implemented in products, i.e. if it is recognized as a sustainable differentiator for our customers."

Some innovations for which patent applications were filed in 2011 are already built into our products. Examples include:

  • Easyfil®: A compact bundle of pre-assembled electrical wires that installers can easily pull inside a cable trough or duct in a single operation.
  • Infit™: Cables using the Infit™ technology keep safety systems operating in the event of a fire as the plastic insulation is transformed into a ceramic jacket.
  • Lo-Sag®: Overhead aluminum conductors with a core made of carbon fibers increase the capacity of overhead lines and allow longer spans between pylons.

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