TITANEX®: Permanent innovation

Force of nature

TITANEX®, based on Greek mythology (Titans = children of the gods), is Nexans’ oldest registered trademark. Dating from 3 April 1953, it is now approaching its 60th anniversary. It covers an entire family of LV flexible rubber cables, which are widely used in all industrial markets, but also for major public events.

Incredibly adaptable

Rather than simply fade away, TITANEX® has shown a protean ability to adapt, through constant improvements to meet new needs. Customers don’t ask for HO7RN-F any more; they ask for TITANEX®. Its latest offspring, versatile TITANEX® PREMIUM is a halogen-free version that conforms to ever more stringent safety rules.

Evolving process

Successive BOHAIN teams have passed the torch to turn an old French cable family into a European and International product, with new compounds constantly improving performance over decades. After abandoning lead-sheathed vulcanization, successive innovations included continuous mixing of compounds, automated production lines, and a shift towards better performing synthetic rubbers to replace polychloroprene materials used in the past. These new rubbers improved stability, flexibility, durability and thermal performance. Meanwhile, we strove to optimize the quality/price ratio.

A trademark makes its mark

An infinite world of applications have benefited from flexible TITANEX® cables: especially, robotics and industrial lines. But they also include ski lifts in the Alps, farm equipment, mobile work environments, port areas, airport lighting equipment, and construction sites. The public-at-large may not always be aware of them, but they are omnipresent in fairs, exhibitions, concerts and international sporting events, like the Olympics. In fact, by protecting lives and equipment TITANEX® PREMIUM may well open new markets for another 60 years!