RHEYRAIL® tracks criminals

Spokes in the copper wheel

Since copper in railways is a lure to metal thieves, we found a patented solution for surface-installed grounding wires (between poles and rails): a unique combination of copper and galvanized steel wires in the center and outer layer. The integrated steel makes it hard to cut, separate and sell.

Protective outer skin

The cables are 100% compatible with existing railway infrastructure, using standard tools and lugs. This won high approval from installation and maintenance personnel. They are also stable after bending, and bear clear owner markings. Unpoliced rail networks are now safe and self-protected.

Iron in the soul

Due to high copper prices, cable theft has become a worldwide scourge. RHEYRAIL® was launched when cheaper but larger aluminum alternatives had been successfully introduced on the market, but required special bending tools, lugs and crimping devices for installers, with significant cost impact. A seemingly unbeatable solution showed serious flaws in practice. Our patented design took another approach: full compatibility in a hard-to-separate mix of galvanized steel and copper which vastly reduces its value on the black market.

(Rail)road to success

This Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) approach with a focus on easy and cost-efficient installation and compatibility with existing standards turned out to be the Royal Road to successfully introducing a new product. Taking time to do a thorough problem analysis before offering a novel solution took us from a trailing to a leading position. RHEYRAIL® has been approved in Germany and will now be used for field trials on selected tracks, which have been frequently plagued by cable theft.