Superconducting cable systems and fault current limiters

Superconductivity & cryogenic envelop

Power Extra High-voltage

  • Our EHV cables can carry 500 kV
  • Cryogenic cables cooled by liquid nitrogen allow more current to be transmitted in reduced cable diameters.

Nexans is supplying a 138 kV superconductive system (qualified to 161 kV) for the Long Island Power Authority (USA) which is the world’s first superconductive link on an existing grid.

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Superconducting materials and devices
Outdoor Energy cables

There is a growing need to transport more energy in less space and superconductors constitute one of the technologies with the greatest promise to address this requirement.

Nexans has been performing research in this field since the beginning of the 1990's and proposes a wide range of superconducting materials and devices.